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Hello! I'm Emily. 


A little more on me. This was the day I graduated from my MEd in Children's Literature at the most magical place in the world, Cambridge. I wish I could say I was from Cambridge, but alas no, I just did a ridiculous commute every Wednesday to get there!

I've always been a big communicator. My husband likes to joke that I could hold a conversation with a brick, and I'm the kind of person who makes friends on public transport. Odd expressions of the affinity I have with the art of communication.

It began very much as a creative outlet that started with some glitter laden Piczo and Freewebs accounts with the awkward HTML to match back in 2005. I've been utilising social media and blogging in various guises ever since, both in my personal and professional life. 

Education and career wise, I'm fortunate enough to have developed a real skill set in the art of communication and writing. I dipped my toe in formal teaching for a while, having first completed a cheeky BA in English, then a PGCE & M.Ed at Cambridge. I've worked in primary education, early years settings, higher education, and the charity sector; the defining factor of each of these industries being, yes you guessed it, a lot of writing, organising and talking. As a rather natural move from there, I've developed a client base in which I put my freelance writing and digital marketing skills to the fore. 

My passion beyond communication (as evidenced from the various letters I've collected after my name and student debt to match...) is education. I write about this area quite a bit, and share my research and journey into home educating our daughter. As such you'll see alongside my writing/marketing work, a good dash of education based content. I'm a real mixed bag.

If all that sounds exciting to you, and you'd like to see more of what I've got up to lately, I'd suggest heading to the 'work with me' section at the top of the site. Want to work together? TL;DR? Drop me a line at

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